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Originally from a small town on the far East of Kouglistan, Guinski, Bartek and Gandolf decided to leave their native country for “The American Dream”!


At each stop of their adventure they deposited their suitcases, Cyr wheel, teeterboard, and good mood to give birth to a new creation of boundless dynamism. As in their country of origin, ridicule does not exist and never will. The three acrobat stooges and their international careers are engaged in delivering outstanding performances, ingenious conjuring tricks, extravagant dance steps, and memorable interventions with the public, to make their trip a fun and zany epic experience.


Crazy, sophisticated,  colourful, and with their breakneck pace, these three artists lack neither air nor energy to lead you to a wacky elsewhere. Especially the day an old friend resurfaced...




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Credit: Danielle Dumont



- 3 artists

- 3 hotel rooms provided by the producer if the event is located more than 100km from Montreal.


- Arrival of the team on the performance site (2 hours before the beginning of the performance)

- Unloading of the equipment with the local team (30 minutes)

- Setup for equipment (30 minutes)

- Sound checks (30 minutes) (note: Light check during sound check if needed)

- Warm-up + small rehearsal (30 minutes)

- Show

- Tear down (30 minutes)


- Minimum height: 6.5 m (21‟) minimum / Ideal stage or space size: 6m (20) deep by 8m (27‟) large

- The performance surface must be flat, level, smooth, hard and clean. The performance space must be safe.

- The ideal configuration for this show is a stage fixed near the ground.


- The system should be functional at the arrival of artists and must cover the whole room / space of performance

- 2 amplified speakers at least on speaker stand (ex: JBL EON 615)

- 2 Front Fill if the main system do not cover the whole room / space of performance.

- 2 D.I box active (ex: BSS AR133)

- 2 XLR cables that can reach the center of the stage (music is managed by artists from the stage)

- 1 power outlet (which can reach the center of the stage)



- Lighting plan to be approved by THROW2CATCH if the event takes place inside or in the evening

- Presence of a qualified lighting technician during the show



- 1 dressing room for 3 people, heated or cooled, equipped with mirror, sink, shower and 3 chairs.

- Water bottles, coffee, tea, juice, fruits, nuts and crackers or cookies would be appreciated.

- 2 bags of ice or bags of frozen peas (in case of injury).

- 2 fresh carrots per show for the needs of the show (accessory) -> 25 to 30 cm long and 3 or 4 cm thick (wide side)



- Prepare, wash, iron and repair (if needed) costumes for each representation.

- Costumes must be ready 60 minutes before the beginning of the show. If possible, the touring team would appreciate if they could have access to the laundry room.



- The scenery travels via plane, truck or car / trailer depending on distance and time. CONTACT US FOR AN ESTIMATE.
- The producer must allow the unloading and loading of the van and its trailer as close as possible to the place of performance.
- The producer must allow the van and its trailer to be parked around the performance site during the performance (if required, an authorized parking permit must be provided by the producer)
- In case the show is presented over several days and if the broadcaster offers the possibility of storing the equipment between performance.

- The place of storage must be secured at whole time.






Gisle Henriet, born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden, studied three years at the Circus Cirkör circus school in Stockholm and then three more years at the National Circus School in Montreal, Canada, specializing in Korean plank, teeterboard and trampoline, graduating in 2007. Gisle has since then worked with companies such as les 7 doigts de la Main, Cirque Eloize, Norwegian National Theatre, TNM and Cirque du Soleil, as well as performed on the streets in buskers festivals and in major events such as the Royal Variety Show and the 2006 Winter Olympic closing ceremony…. 



Guillaume discovers the circus at the age of 10 in regional schools (Cirque Éclair, Cirque Imhotep). At the age of 15 he left his hometown to go and prepare a literary baccalaureate / circus arts option in Châtellerault (France). Three years later, he joined the National Circus School of Montreal in Quebec, where he continued his training. He graduate in 2007, he participated in several festivals in Montreal with related artists. He is approached in 2009 by the Quebec company « Les 7 doigts de la Main » who hired him as interpreter for three years on the show "PSY". In 2012 he founded the company « Tête d’Enfant » with Naël Jammal and Florent Lestage. Today Guillaume is still evolving in the circus sphere but also in contemporary dance. He composes and mixes music, is also interested in artistic direction as well as choreographic work.



Barthélemy is a multi-talented artist. He is a brilliant circus artist who worked on his own creations but also with various circus companies such as Cirque du Soleil. He was main character in OVO and LOVE for Cirque du Soleil. He is also very active in video and photo production. He is involved in all stages of scripting, directing, post-production, broadcasting, etc.






December - Taïwan, Asia

16/09 - Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada

10/09 - La Baie, Quebec, Canada

19/08- Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

15/08 - Repentigny, Quebec, Canada

13/08 - Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

31/07 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

22/07 - Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

24 to 25/06 - Festival de Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada

03 to 07/05 - Park Place Oita, Oita, Japan

01 to 08/02 - Scène Nationale de Martinique, Martinique

23/10- Ville de Mont-Royal , Québec, Canada (dans le cadre du CAM en tournée)
01/10 - Centre Sarto-Desnoyers - Dorval, Québec, Canada (dans le cadre du CAM en tournée)
26/09 - Tokyo, Japon
17/09 - Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue, Québec, Canada (dans le cadre du CAM en tournée)
02 to 05/09 - Toronto Busker Fest, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
26 to 27/08 - Festival Théâtre De Rue De Lachine, Montréal  (dans le cadre du CAM en tournée)
17 to 20/08 - Festival De Théâtre De Rue, Aurillac, France
10/08 - Parc Peterborough, Montréal, Québec, Canada (dans le cadre du CAM en tournée)
09/08  - Parc Davies, Ville de Montréal-Ouest, Québec, Canada (dans le cadre du CAM en tournée)

07/08 - Centenaire Park, Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Canada (dans le cadre du CAM en tournée)
05/08 - Théâtre Granada, Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
29/07 to 01/08 - Ottawa Busker Festival, Ontario, Canada
28/07 - Ville de Brossard, Québec, Canada
25 to 27/07 - Festival Juste Pour Rire, Montréal, Canada
 20 to 23/07 - Festival de cirque de Dieppe, Canada  
18 to 19/07- Ville de Châteauguay, Québec, Canada
07 to 17/07 - Montréal Complétement Cirque, Canada
01/07 - Fête du Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
03 to 05/06- Dundas International Buskerfest, Ontario, Canada
29/04 to 5/05 - Fukouka, Japon (Canal Fringe Festival)

19/09 to 20/09 - Festival Merce, Barcelone, Espagne
11/09 to 12/90- Montréal, Québec, Canada
08/08 - Ville de la Malbaie, Québec, Canada
30/07 to 03/08- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
16 to 19 /07 - Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
11 to 12/07 - Parc Jean Drapeau, Montréal, Québec, Canada
10/07 - Parc Sauvé, Montréal, Québec, Canada
04/07 - Place Public de la Tohu, Montréal, Québec, Canada
01/07 - Beaconsfield, Québec, Canada


To know more about "MADE IN KOUGLISTAN" please contact:
Stéphane Casta    I    I    +1 (514) 549-0287



Thank you to the following insititutions which provide financial support for the creation of the show.

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