This outdoor show is a mixture of dynamic numbers, technical prowess and art direction that will leave the spectator amazed


RESET debriefs our vision of an isolated world in order to provoke the meeting of Man, Art and Technology. RESET is a contemporary circus production that explores new forms of circus practices while integrating new technologies and other complementary artistic disciplines



An outdoor circus show created for the whole family ideal for festivals and outdoor events in Quebec, Canada, and around
the world. Crazy, sophisticated, and with a breakneck pace,
these three acrobats lack neither air nor energy to lead you to a wacky elsewhere. Especially the day an old friend resurfaced...




ZKRUV LÖS - Velkome to Kouglistan!


After travelling all around the world in their hot-air balloon, with their show Made in Kouglistan, the Gluminovitch brothers are back! And this time, Grandma and the kids are coming along! During a one of a kind evening, the exotic siblings set up under the big top to uncover Kouglistanian rituals. Unachievable feats, wild traditional dances, crazy juggling and surreal illusions are just some of the surprises the family has in store.

75 minutes

All Audience