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THROW2CATCH (T2C) produces contemporary circus performances and is based in Montreal, Canada. 

T2C offers shows aimed at a large public, and provides creation and art direction for developing made to measure and original concepts for corporate and public events. T2C distinguishes itself through innovation and creativity of the performances, utilizing the circus arts with a unique and surprising originality.   

Spectacle, cirque, reset
événements, corporatifs, spéciaux, montréal
spectacles, extérieurs, festivals



Circus Shows for all audiences, in theaters, outdoors or under the Big Top... T2C​ offers all kinds of shows, featuring outstanding artistic and technical quality of the performances.

shows, circus, special events

Adapting our offers to match your needs, we  will take the time to understand the occasion and the format of your event, the objectives, and will propose original acts and concepts within the limits of your budget.



T2C produces a street show involving technical quality of the highest level. This show has been seen more than 170 times, and introduces three acrobats who have shown their skills around the world. 

TEASER  Made in Kouglistan

TEASER  Événements spéciaux

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